Sediment Remediation+

Successful implementation of highly complex federal Superfund and state-led sediment remediation projects has been the mainstay of DOF's professional practice since our founding.

Our project experience includes investigations and cleanups regulated under the authority of the federal (CERCLA) and state government (Model Toxics Control Act, Puget Sound Dredged Disposal Analysis, Sediment Management Standards), as well as independent cleanup actions for commercial and industrial properties from pre-design through implementation.

DOF has developed and implemented sediment remediation projects on several complex sites, where our specialized qualifications, unique knowledge of sediment remediation practices and extensive experience led to innovative solutions for effective and efficient remedies.

Dredging + Waterway Engineering+

DOF’s hands on dredging oversight, design and implementation expertise spans a myriad of projects and technologies.

  • Feasibility studies, conceptual development, engineering design and permitting
  • Dredging equipment analysis, selection, and production modeling
  • Construction management and oversight
  • Marine data collection
  • Sediment characterization and management
  • Dredged material placement/dewatering

Our project design and implementation experience includes:

  • Geotextile bags for dredged material dewatering and disposal
  • Mechanical dewatering prior to upland disposal (belt presses, filter presses, centrifuges)
  • Use of flocculants to enhance sediment separation from the dredged slurry
  • Sediment stabilization for material rehandling
  • Real-time water quality monitoring systems
  • Operational modifications to reduce sediment resuspension and minimize residuals during dredging, filling, or capping

Aquatic Habitat Restoration+

DOF’s expertise in a variety of fields and technologies allows us to offer the full range of services required to return aquatic habitat to greater ecological function. We have the expertise, experience, subcontractor network and financial resources to assure that our clients’ aquatic habitat restoration goals are met. 

Through our knowledge in hydrogeology, geology, geochemistry, engineering (civil, environmental, coastal, and geotechnical), hydraulics and environmental regulation, we have the expertise, experience, subcontractor network and financial resources to assure that our clients' aquatic habitat restoration goals are met. This includes:

  • Evaluation of bank and shoreline habitat restoration alternatives
  • Aquatic data collection
  • Design and construction of in-water and shoreline projects
  • Oversight during construction